A stack of Ohio's newest "I Voted" stickers sit in a basket at the Franklin County Board of Elections office in Columbus.
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Ohio officials say the state's vote-by-mail process is safe and not corrupt, in contrast to President Donald Trump's recent comments during a press briefing and on Twitter.

Office of Gov. Mike DeWine

The state is seeing a steady increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases and a steeper rise in the number of deaths. However, medical researchers are putting out models showing the potential peak of coronavirus is getting lower.

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Ohio restaurants have not been able to serve mixed drinks and straight liquors since the state order that closed dine-in services took effect last month. Now, the state is making a change to its rules that will allow restaurants to serve those drinks along with take-out meals. 

Office of Gov. Mike DeWine

The Ohio Hospital Association has sent out its guidelines for allocating scarce resources, detailing what medical staff should do if they don't have the equipment they need to treat patients with COVID-19.

A bed at the Pickaway Correctional Institution in Orient, where six inmates have tested positive for COVID-19.
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There are reports of deaths in a federal prison in Ohio that are suspected to be COVID-19 related. And fourteen inmates and nearly 30 staffers have tested positive for COVID-19 in three Ohio state prisons. The state has now identified more prisoners who could be released from those state facilities.

Oral arguments for Tuesday's first case before the Ohio Supreme Court, as seen from a video monitor in the Statehouse News Bureau's office at the Statehouse.
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The Ohio Supreme Court had a historic session on Tuesday – oral arguments were conducted remotely.

Karen Kasler

Bars and restaurants in Ohio closed on March 15, and the stay at home order took effect March 23. And the state is now starting to feel the financial effects of those and other restrictions imposed to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Office of Gov. Mike DeWine

Gov. Mike DeWine is authorizing the Ohio National Guard to go help a federal prison located in the state. He's also considering the possibility of more release recommendations for Ohio's prisons.

A chart showing COVID-19 cases and deaths by race and ethnicity, as provided by the Ohio Department of Health.
Ohio Department of Health

Ohio’s coronavirus tracking website is now showing a breakdown of COVID-19 cases and deaths by race and ethnicity. But the state health director is cautioning that this information is incomplete.

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A panel of three federal court judges won’t get involved in a dispute over abortion and the state’s coronavirus order regarding elective surgery – which keeps facilities that perform abortions open for now.