Karen Kasler

Members of the Ohio House came back to work for their first day since the election to face a room packed with opponents of a bill on public employee unions. The bill may not go far, but union members were determined to show their opposition.

Karen Kasler

A bill that backers say would protect all free speech at public universities was on the agenda for state lawmakers’ first day back at work after the election. And its Republican sponsors got a boost from a national and controversial figure.

Statehouse News Bureau

This week lawmakers are returning for a lame duck session, with hearings set on a so-called right to work bill and a Republican-backed bill on free speech on college campuses.  Republican legislative leaders are talking about other priorities but suggesting action on controversial measures is possible.

Andy Chow

Gov.-elect Mike DeWine and incoming Secretary of State Frank LaRose have announced their transition teams – the people who will help set policy, personnel and priorities for the next four years.

Aleksei Pavloff

One of the three Democrats who won statewide in Ohio last week, U. S. Senator Sherrod Brown, says he’s thinking about his next step - maybe running for president.  


The maps of Ohio’s 2018 election results for governor, attorney general, auditor, secretary of state and treasurer look a lot like the 2016 Ohio results map for president. And there are a lot of theories about why that is, and whether Ohio keeps its status as a “swing state” or if it’s now simply red.

Karen Kasler

Many political strategists are weighing in on what this year’s election results mean for Ohio going forward. With the GOP sweeping the statewide executive races, many say Ohio is without question a “red state”.  One politician says - somewhat surprisingly - that’s not necessarily the case.

Andy Chow

Though he’s had some issues with the Statehouse press corps, Ohio’s governor is defending the role of the media. His comments come in the wake of the latest criticisms from President Donald Trump. 

Dan Konik

The newly opened National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus is open this weekend to celebrate Veteran’s Day. 

Jo Ingles

Leaders of the Ohio Legislature say it’s time to look at changing the methods citizens groups are using to try to change the state’s constitution.