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Vice President Joe Biden was in Columbus Wednesday to make an official announcement about new labor rules that are sending shock waves around the country. 

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Senators debating a medical marijuana bill passed by the Ohio House have made some changes to the plan. 

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Ohio lawmakers have scrapped a controversial amendment that would take away local control over sales of dogs at pet stores. But that doesn't mean lawmakers are rolling over and playing dead on the issue.


State lawmakers are looking over a bill to more than triple the tax credits offered to moviemakers who film in Ohio. But critics on the left and the right are saying the program should be cut.

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A decision to block a plan that would’ve guaranteed profits for struggling coal plants in Ohio may have created a domino effect for the future of energy in the state. In part two of a three-part series, Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow takes a look at the history of deregulation in Ohio and the bombshell suggestion to reverse course.

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The Ohio Senate is debating what to do with an amendment about local control over pet sales that’s attached to a tax bill.

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Lawmakers want to change the way the battles over school district borders are handled with a bill that had its first hearing in the House. 

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Cleveland City Council is introducing legislation to set the minimum wage at $15. Throughout the state and the country, there are repeated calls for increasing the minimum wage.

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Something as simple as flipping a switch can turn the lights on and off in your home. But there are many, major, complicated decisions that take place in order to keep those lights on. As Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports in part one of a three-part series, these decisions have reached a critical point that could change the landscape of the energy industry in Ohio.

Andy Chow

The head of Ohio’s Democratic Party is throwing punches at Republican Senator Rob Portman for his part in the continued Supreme Court vacancy, saying that a new development makes it even more important to fill the seat now.