Andy Chow

Advocates in the fight for stronger green energy policies are highlighting a unique voice in their corner - faith leaders. 

Jo Ingles

A panel of state lawmakers working on a medical marijuana bill has started hearings.

Andy Chow

Transportation officials are touting a new age in public transit with the use of new buses that run on hydrogen.

Jo Ingles

A group of bus riders and union leaders from Cleveland was in Columbus today. The group is telling state lawmakers to dedicate more money to funding public transit.

Statehouse News Bureau file photo

State lawmakers will be busy again with two major piece of legislation and lots of other bills this week.

Ohio Senate

State lawmakers are coming up on a deadline on whether to change the law on green energy and renewable standards for utilities, or to leave it alone and let those standards go back into effect.

Statehouse News Bureau

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction plans to phase out farming at its ten prisons throughout the state. Some of that food is produced through a partnership with foodbanks.

Several groups are working together to improve the bond between law enforcement agencies and the communities they protect. That collaboration is now blitzing the media with their message. 

Jo Ingles

Some Democratic state lawmakers say the state should hold public hearings on potential mergers involving four of the five largest insurance companies in the country.

Jo Ingles

Millions of dollars worth of precious art is on display at the Ohio Statehouse. And some of it is now being put in a highly trafficked area, not protected by glass or barriers.