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Jo Ingles covers politics and Ohio government for the Ohio Public Radio and Television Statehouse News Bureau. She reports on issues of importance to Ohioans including education, legislation, politics, and life and death issues such as capital punishment.

After working for more than a decade at WOSU-AM, Jo was hired by the Bureau in 1999. Her work has been featured on national networks such as National Public Radio, Marketplace, the Great Lakes Radio Consortium and the BBC. She is often a guest on radio talk shows heard on Ohio's public radio stations. In addition, she's a regular guest on WOSU-TV's "Columbus on the Record" and WBNS-TV's "Face the State." Jo also writes for respected publications such as Columbus Monthly and Reuters News Service.

She has won many awards for her work across all of those platforms. She is currently the president of the Ohio Radio and TV Correspondents Association, a board member for the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association and a board member for the Ohio Associated Press Broadcasters. Jo also works as the Media Adviser for the Ohio Wesleyan University Transcript newspaper and OWU radio.

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Ohio voting machine
Dan Konik

Ohio voters might get to decide whether to amend the constitution to set new term limits for state lawmakers. There's a drive afoot to get the idea to the statewide ballot this November.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
Jo Ingles

A task force studying the use of facial recognition for law enforcement found no wrongdoing in the way the state was handling that system. And an upgrade and expansion of the system is now likely.


It's now up to Gov. Mike DeWine to decide whether to sign a bill passed by the Ohio Legislature that would allow motorcyclists to wear earplugs while driving their bikes.

Auditor Keith Faber
Andy Chow

Ohio’s Auditor is warning school districts that are on the ballot to make sure they are not using taxpayer or state money to fund their campaigns. 

Gov. Mike DeWine
Dan Konik

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says he is cautiously satisfied with the terms of a potential massive settlement against drug companies and distributors who have been accused of enabling the opioid crisis. Counties could get 30% and the state 15%, with the rest going into a trust. 

Gov. DeWine with supporters of bill
Jo Ingles

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports fatalities on the state’s roads have increase in five of the last six years with 2019 being the second-deadliest year in the past decade. And that’s why state leaders are backing a new bill to crack down on distracted driving.

A bi-partisan bill would ban Ohio children under 18 from participating in so-called conversion therapy, the practice of trying to convert someone from gay to straight. 

Statehouse News Bureau

Two of the medical conditions rejected for inclusion in Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program last year are getting another chance this year.  

Backers of the bill
Jo Ingles

A new bill at the statehouse would prevent doctors from prescribing drugs to delay puberty or perform surgery to change a child’s gender. The bill is similar to ones proposed in at least eight other states. 

Michelle Wilcox, Ohio Assn. Of Election Officials
Jo Ingles

Voting rights advocates, computer security experts and some county elections officials gathered at the Ohio Statehouse for in a cybersecurity initiative. And some say they feel like they have the information they need to protect Ohio’s upcoming primary.

Sarymikakov Andrey,

March Madness is right around the corner and Ohioans will be constructing brackets to bet on their favorite teams. But Ohio, unlike some other states, does not have sports betting. Ohio’s Governor says he’s convinced betting on sports will be a reality in the buckeye state soon.

Gov. Mike DeWine at Facebook, New Albany
Jo Ingles

Gov. Mike DeWine says he knows the House and Senate have different ideas about how to deal with changing the state’s Ed Choice school voucher program. He says he’s not taking sides on that. But DeWine says it’s important to think about why that program exists in the first place.

Tiffany McKee, United Steelworkers
Jo Ingles

Ohio House Democrats are urging Congress to pass legislation meant to protect the rights of workers and allow them to unionize. 

Gov Mike DeWine
Dan Konik

The advisory council that’s been looking into how to improve Ohio’s overloaded child welfare system has made some preliminary recommendations the state can take now to ease problems. And more are likely to come in the future.

Gov. Mike DeWine
State of Ohio, Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says he wants state lawmakers to pass his plan on gun violence by the end of this year. And he is urging lawmakers to take a good look at his proposal.

Aaron Baer, President, Citizens for Community Values
Jo Ingles

A suit has been filed in the Ohio Supreme Court by families who are affected by the legislature’s recently imposed 60-day moratorium on vouchers for the state’s EdChoice private school program. 

Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has delayed three upcoming executions.

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper
Statehouse News Bureau

Some of the Democratic party’s top fundraisers, including union groups and some of President Obama’s top campaign supporters, are organizing a massive campaign in six battleground states this year. Ohio is not one of them. Does this mean the Buckeye State is no longer thought of by national Democrats as a swing state? 

Samara Heisz,

Two Miami University students are quarantined for possible Coronavirus. The state's top health officials are watching for more possible infections. But Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says there’s another deadly virus that people should be concerned about.

Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine isn’t weighing in on the deliberations in the House and Senate over school vouchers. But he is talking about the need to do more to help failing school districts early on.


More than 17,000 Ohioans depend on dialysis treatments multiple times each week. And a new report shows Ohioans who need that care are largely getting it. 

Juan Ci,

The state has been trying to crack down on predatory practices associated with pharmacy benefit managers, the middlemen in big drug contracts. And independent pharmacies and community health centers say they need to be protected from any fallout. They are backing a new bill meant to provide these facilities with a safety net. 

Audrey Popov,

Ohioans are one step closer to voting on a proposed constitutional amendment that would raise the state’s minimum wage. The petition to start the process of taking that issue to voters has been given the green light by Ohio’s Attorney General.

YuRi Photolife,

The deadline has passed for communities throughout the state to submit their requests for Ohio’s capital budget, which is expected sometime near the end of March when Gov. Mike DeWine will deliver his State of the State speech. Here are some of the items being requested by cities and counties. 

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor
Karen Kasler

Ohio's highest court has rejected a recommendation to allow judges throughout the state use “risk-assessment tools” to determine the amount of bail they require from defendants. 


A bill to prevent doctors from using telemedicine to provide abortion-inducing drugs has been introduced. But backers of the bill don't know of any cases where that is happening in Ohio right now.

Keith Homan,

The common cold is…well….common. And the Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, that babies and older people can get after being around someone who appears to have a cold, is not new. But it’s the second leading cause of infant death. RSV cases, especially among babies, are increasing significantly.

House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford)
Dan Konik

Two Republican Ohio House members want to introduce a bill soon that would eliminate the prevailing wage on construction projects. And that puts the GOP leader of that chamber in a spot.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Gahanna, Ohio
Dan Konik

A pair of bills in the Ohio Legislature would change the way people register to vote, making it an automated process instead requiring them to fill out forms or go online. People could still opt out of the process in both. But the new bill in the House would do it differently than a Senate proposal.

Dan Konik

Weather and tariffs have created some tough conditions for Ohio farmers and agribusinesses. But they can get some relief through a state program that reduces the interest on the debt they incur for their operations.