Audit Finds Thousands Of State Dollars Were Used On Booze, Strip Club And More

Mar 21, 2017

An audit of a Southern Ohio correctional facility has found eleven directors and employees used conferences as a way to cover self-indulgent expenditures. 

Auditor Dave Yost says the employees of the STAR Community Justice Center in Scioto County forged some transactions and spent more than $20 thousand dollars on out of state trips and bar tabs in 2013.

“It’s like frat boys with somebody else’s credit cards. There’s no instance in which you use tax money to buy beers, much less 44 beers. There’s no instance in which it is okay to use a public credit card to charge the taxpayers for a trip to a strip club. This is just egregious.”

The director of the facility at the time was fired in 2015.