County Board Of Elections Does Disney-like Line Analysis To Keep Voters Moving

Nov 6, 2016

Thousands of people stood in huge lines at boards of elections offices in the state’s biggest counties. At the Franklin County Board of Elections, the line on Saturday was an eighth of a mile long.

But Franklin County Board Director David Payne says no one waited more than 45 minutes, because of a little advance planning.

“We did an analysis earlier in the year with Professor Ted Allen from Ohio State and some of his students. And they used the same formula that they use to do line analysis at Disney World, and they set it up for us and we’ve been getting rave reviews.”

Payne says he thinks the Franklin County Board is the only one to do such a line analysis to get voters through quickly. In 2012, thousands of voters waited an hour and a half to cast early in-person ballots. The waits were up to three hours in other counties.