GOP Ticket For Governor Pushes Business Panel To Guide State In High-Tech Policies

Sep 13, 2018

The Republican candidate for governor says Ohio should be a leader in using technology to improve government services and the climate for business. And he wants his running mate to head up the effort to do that.

Mike DeWine says if he’s elected, his lieutenant governor Jon Husted will be the point person on making Ohio a “smart state” incorporating ideas such as autonomous vehicles and blockchain into the economy.

Husted said he’ll assemble a team of business and tech entrepreneurs who’ll give advice on creating what he calls an innovative environment and improving state services. “Our vision is by the time we’re done that you would never have to go into another government office ever again.”

Husted also said technology will create a demand for broadband investment in the parts of the state without it.

DeWine’s Democratic opponent Rich Cordray has talked about technology in his workforce development plan as it relates to jobs but not much about employers and business investment.