Portman Says He Agrees With Trump In Part On Immigration Reform, But Splits With Him On Deportations

Sep 1, 2016

Ohio’s Republican US Senator says he’s not completely on board with his party’s presidential candidate on immigration – a day after Donald Trump delivered a fiery speech promising a crackdown on illegal immigration and large-scale deportations of undocumented immigrants.

Rob Portman said he didn’t watch the speech because he’s been on the road campaigning for re-election. Portman said he does agree with Trump that the immigration system is broken, but beyond that, he differs with the nominee.

“I’ve supported immigration reform, but I have not supported the deportations of millions of non-citizens who are here because I don’t think it’s practical and I don’t think it would be humane for a lot of those families,” Portman said.

It’s estimated some six million Americans could be deported under Trump’s immigration plan. Portman has taken some heat for his support of Trump, while a handful of Ohio leaders, including Gov. John Kasich, have refused to back him.