In Response To DeWine/Husted Team Up, Taylor Open To Finding Her Own Running Mate

Nov 30, 2017

Opponents are reacting to the announcement of Mike DeWine and Jon Husted, two Ohio political heavyweights, joining forces as a gubernatorial ticket. Republican candidate Mary Taylor was asked if she might be picking a running mate soon.

Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor says she’s not dissuaded by the DeWine/Husted team up.

Instead she just sees it as the GOP field narrowing and, as she puts it.

“Jon Husted just dropped out of the governor’s race.”

But the merger of DeWine and Husted means combining millions of dollars into a big pot.

Taylor was asked if she would want to assemble her own ticket, such as having the other GOP candidate, Congressman Jim Renacci, as her running mate.

“As a team we are still having a conversation internally with what we believe is going to be the best solution and honestly I’m really looking for somebody who has the passion to serve, who shares my passion and who shares my values.”

Renacci criticized the DeWine/Husted ticket as a teaming up of state insiders.