Statehouse Democrats Are Pushing A Bill To Make It Tougher To Move Call Centers Overseas

Aug 3, 2016

Democrats in the state legislature are pushing a bill that would make it tougher for companies to move call centers overseas.

The bill would require companies to notify Ohio’s Job and Family Services Director 120 days before moving call center jobs out of the country. It would also require the state to bar companies that outsource this way from receiving state aid. Communication Workers of America spokesman Frank Matthews says there’s a security issue here too.

“While we are taught never to give our social security number and bank information to a stranger, many companies that we do business with daily have no issues with contracting companies in other countries and handing our most private information over to them.”

An executive order by Gov. John Kasich covering many of these points expires at the end of his term, so lawmakers want to pass the bill in the next year.