Absentee ballots

Karen Kasler

Recent polls have shown the race for Ohio governor is very close. And that means the results could come down to provisional ballots – those cast by people who didn’t have proper ID, for instance – and to absentee ballots that hadn’t arrived at boards of elections by Tuesday. And that means Tuesday night’s total might not be the final outcome.

Andy Chow

Early voting has been going for a week, and the number of registered voters is the highest it’s been in a decade. Many voters are opting to vote early through absentee ballot. That includes one major statewide official. 

Karen Kasler

While Democrats have been pushing their voters to cast early ballots, the Republican nominee for president has been on the campaign trail urging people to consider changing their early votes.

Karen Kasler

The US Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from advocates for the homeless and the Ohio Democratic Party to ensure that more absentee and provisional ballots are counted. That settles the final lawsuit of the 2016 election over Ohio’s election laws – for now.

Statehouse News Bureau

Secretary of State Jon Husted sent out around 7 million absentee ballot applications at the beginning of this month. He says more Ohioans are taking advantage of that option this year.