Clarence Mingo

Karen Kasler

Just a day after one Republican dropped her candidacy for Secretary of State, another is ending his bid to be the state’s treasurer. 

Provided by Rob Richardson campaign

Democrats have candidates in each of the five executive statewide offices next year with a Cincinnati attorney’s kickoff of his campaign for treasurer.


Democrats have yet to announce their candidacy for state treasurer and auditor. Two are now reportedly considering them, including a former candidate for Cincinnati mayor. 

Karen Kasler

Republicans have another possible primary next year, now that Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo has done as expected and announced he’s running for treasurer.

Andy Chow

Thousands of delegates are gathered in Cleveland to welcome Donald Trump as their Republican presidential nominee. But some Republicans say they just can’t place a vote for Trump, making for a unique RNC experience. 

Karen Kasler

Politician spent the Independence Day holiday marching in parades around the state – and planning ahead for their upcoming conventions. Two Republicans were at one in central Ohio, with their convention in Cleveland less than two weeks away.

Karen Kasler

Ohio could become the fifth state to create a database of information about Parkinson’s disease.