drug addiction

Karen Kasler

One of the leading figures in the state’s battle against the deadly opioid crisis is stepping down. The head of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, who’s leaving six months before the end of the term of her boss, Gov. John Kasich.


While many Ohioans are enjoying picnics, parades and fireworks, members of a group that wants to put a proposed ballot issue before voters this fall are working to meet the July 4 deadline. 

Karen Kasler

In the last seven years, the number of children taken into custody by children services agencies in Ohio soared by nearly 20%, and half of those cases involve parental drug use. And the agencies charged with caring for those kids say Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget doesn’t do enough to help them

Katie Monahan, Ohio Supreme Court

Courts are getting hit hard by the state’s opioid epidemic, according to the chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. That was just one point in her annual state of the judiciary speech.

Liam Niemeyer

A new law meant to stop drug overdoses is going into effect Tuesday. It focuses on providing help for overdose victims.

Jo Ingles

A new bill signed into law provides some limited immunity for bystanders who witness an overdose and try to help save drug users’ lives.


When you walk into a pharmacy, you may be greeted by a team that may include both a pharmacist and what’s known as a pharmacy technician. Lawmakers are now looking into a provision that would add more oversight on those pharmacy techs in an effort to overcome Ohio’s problem with drug addiction. 

Andy Chow

State officials are laying out guidelines for what doctors should consider before they prescribe addictive painkillers.