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Karen Kasler

Ohio is the center of the American political universe again today, as Republican and Democratic voters cast what could be critical ballots for the six remaining major party candidates.

Karen Kasler

Gov. John Kasich was back home in Westerville to cast his ballot in person in the Republican presidential primary. 

Andy Chow

From running for state senator to Congress to governor, now-presidential hopeful John Kasich has been asking Ohioans for their vote for decades. But he's asking supporters to vote in the biggest one yet.

Andy Chow

Gov. John Kasich faces arguably the most important election of his political career on Tuesday. He talked about the race just before a campaign event in Moraine just outside Dayton Friday afternoon.

"The State of Ohio"

Throughout the Republican presidential town halls and debates, Gov. John Kasich has painted himself as a moderate in the race. A top Democrat in Ohio is disputing that picture but insists he's not doing so to give Donald Trump the upper hand in the state.

Karen Kasler

Gov. John Kasich came back to Columbus to watch the results from neighboring Michigan, a state he had targeted for a good showing a week before the Ohio primary.

Andy Chow

Hoping for a shift of momentum with the Midwest primaries, Gov. John Kasich is putting some new energy into his campaign with a heavyweight in both the political arena and the world of entertainment. 

U.S. Senate

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) was repeatedly asked by reporters if he would support Donald Trump as his party’s nominee for president, or if he would join other Ohio Republicans and refuse to campaign for Trump. And he gave what some might call a qualified answer.

Karen Kasler

Recent polls show Gov. John Kasich has an uphill battle ahead of him going into the 13 Republican presidential primaries on Super Tuesday. Some party leaders are pressuring Kasich to drop out of the presidential race now, but Kasich is saying he has a path to victory, especially if he wins the Ohio primary on March 15. Can he? The answer isn’t easy.

The State of Ohio

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber says he doesn’t believe Gov. John Kasich cannot win the presidency, even as a new Quinnipiac Poll shows Kasich would lose to reality TV star and real estate mogul Donald Trump in Ohio if the election was held today.

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Gov. John Kasich didn’t do well in the South Carolina primary – finishing fifth. But his backers are staying positive about his chances going forward.

Jo Ingles

One of the most controversial bills passed by the Ohio Legislature recently is still awaiting Gov. John Kasich’s signature.

Statehouse News Bureau

Gov. John Kasich signed a few bills over the weekend but not the controversial one that would defund Planned Parenthood.


Gov. John Kasich is hitting the campaign trail hard after a second place finish in New Hampshire. Ohio lawmakers talked about how the presidential campaign might be impacting things on their end.

Statehouse News Bureau

There was an outburst in the Ohio House after it voted 59-32 to pass a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. The bill now awaits Governor Kasich’s signature.


While Donald Trump claimed the top spot in the New Hampshire primary, Gov. John Kasich generated a lot of buzz with his second place finish. 

Screenshot, CNN

Gov. John Kasich hosted his 100th town hall in New Hampshire Friday – just days before the first-in-the-nation primary there on Tuesday.

Fox News

Gov. John Kasich wasn’t even in Iowa for the GOP caucuses last night – he was at the presidential campaign’s next stop, New Hampshire, which holds the first in the nation primary next week.

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While Gov. John Kasich is making a big final campaign push in New Hampshire, he’s still managing to make waves for lawmakers in Ohio. 

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The flags are half-staff at the Statehouse today.

The Ohio Republican Party’s governing body has voted to endorse Governor John Kasich in his bid for president.


Utilities, energy officials and environmental advocates are all debating a landmark proposition that would set the stage for the future of energy in Ohio. For the average consumer, this could mean paying hundreds of dollars more on electric bills. But at the heart of the issue is whether Ohio needs the plan to ensure reliability.

Andy Chow

State officials could soon decide if some electric utility customers will see a hike in their bills to keep coal plants running. Now Gov. John Kasich is offering his thoughts on the issue. 

State of Ohio, Ohio Public Television

Gov. John Kasich has taken many jabs at GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during recent weeks, but one of the web ads put out by Kasich’s super PAC seems to be missing a meaty message.

Andy Chow

Ohio lawmakers passed their fair share of far reaching and controversial bills in 2105. And the budget was perhaps the most far reaching measure passed last year.

"Face the Nation", CBS News

Gov. John Kasich took a different tack in his continuing battle with fellow GOP presidential contender Donald Trump on the Sunday morning talk show circuit.

Screenshot, CNN's "State of the Union"

Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich blasted President Obama’s speech last night, though he seemed to agree in part with one point of it earlier on Sunday. Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports.

Karen Kasler

About 150 protestors assembled a few blocks away and marched together to the Donald Trump rally, carrying signs and chanting.

"Meet the Press", NBC News

Gov. John Kasich was back on the TV news talk show circuit this weekend, and he had a few choice words for his fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump. 

"Saturday Night Live", NBC Universal

Gov. John Kasich has pushed back again against Donald Trump.