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A new poll shows overall, nearly seven in ten Ohio voters surveyed say they are very or somewhat satisfied with the way things are going in Ohio right now. They also weighed in on issues like tariffs on Chinese products and immigration. 

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The final Quinnipiac polls are out, and they show some changes for the races at the top of the ticket in Ohio – most notably, between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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A new Quinnipiac University Poll shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s lead among Ohio voters has grown.

Andy Chow

The lead has shifted in a new presidential poll of likely voters, with Donald Trump, who was trailing slightly last month, now in front.

Andy Chow

The first Quinnipiac poll featuring people who are likely to vote is out – and it shows good news for one of the two major party presidential candidates. But there’s also important information for the leading minor party candidates too.

Andy Chow

For months now, political pundits have worried having Republican Donald Trump at the top of the ticket might hurt down ticket races. But a new Quinnipiac University Poll in Ohio suggests otherwise.

Andy Chow

It’s not just the presidential contest that’s close in Ohio - a new poll shows the race for the U.S. Senate is tied, with a little under five months to go before the election.

Andy Chow

Quinnipiac University has released its first poll since John Kasich and Ted Cruz left the GOP contest. And for the first time, it's showing presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump leading Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in Ohio.

Karen Kasler

Recent polls show Gov. John Kasich has an uphill battle ahead of him going into the 13 Republican presidential primaries on Super Tuesday. Some party leaders are pressuring Kasich to drop out of the presidential race now, but Kasich is saying he has a path to victory, especially if he wins the Ohio primary on March 15. Can he? The answer isn’t easy.