Stand Your Ground

Karen Kasler

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is disappointed with the legislation he’s seeing pushed through the Ohio General Assembly, such as efforts going into the “Stand Your Ground Bill” and “Heartbeat Bill,” and he says these polarizing issues end up reflecting poorly on the state.

Senate Government Oversight and Reform holds hearing on HB228, the "Stand Your Ground" bill.
Andy Chow

Republican senators are planning to discuss the possible changes they would like to make to HB228, the so-called "Stand Your Ground" bill which might include more specific language on when to use lethal force in self-defense situations.

People gather in Dayton to protest against the "Stand Your Ground" bill.
Scott Cornell/Shutterstock

The Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee plans to pass the "Stand Your Ground" bill by the end of the week. The bill would make it easier for someone to use lethal force in self-defense by removing the duty to retreat in cases where a person feels threatened.

Father of 17 year old killed in Parkland shooting
Jo Ingles

The Ohio Legislature is hearing testimony on dueling gun bills this week. 

Karen Kasler

The future is murky for a bill that seeks to loosen gun regulations in Ohio. The so-called "Stand Your Ground" bill was moving through the House but may have stalled with the recent rhetoric on gun control including from Gov. John Kasich.