At Columbus construction site
Jo Ingles

The Democrat who wants to be Ohio’s next governor says the state needs to repair its roads and bridges, make sure all of the state has access to broadband and invest in public transportation. 


Ohio Senators have passed a resolution unanimously supporting the effort to bring a super-high-speed transportation system to connect Columbus with Pittsburgh on the East and Chicago on the West. 

Ohio House Republican Caucus Communications

A Republican state lawmaker says companies have left Ohio because of a lack of access to air travel. He says Ohio can bring back jobs and more flights by building two new regional hub airports, one in the southwest and one in the northeast. 

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The $7.8 billion transportation budget is now headed to Gov. John Kasich.

Andy Chow

Republicans in the House and Senate have reached a compromise on the transportation budget. 

Karen Kasler

The trucking industry says there’s been a driver shortage for two decades – and that there could be 175,000 unfilled trucker jobs in the next seven years.  A bipartisan group of lawmakers have proposed a package of bills that seeks to put the brakes on that.

Karen Kasler

Gas tax revenue has been dropping for years. And at the same time the costs for road construction, which the gas tax pays for, are rising. There's a new proposal that seeks to address that, by hiking one fee all car owners pay but offering refunds to them later.

Ohio Department of Transportation

Though it’s been cold and snowy this week, this year’s warmer than usual winter is good news for Ohio taxpayers. Before this snowfall, the state had spent a little over $63 million on road salt, when the yearly average spent over the last decade has been nearly $77 million.

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The Ohio House has overwhelmingly passed the state’s $7.8 billion transportation budget, which funds road projects and public safety around the state.


Route 33 could become a technology superhighway, if a project launched by the state goes as planned.

Jo Ingles

A group of bus riders and union leaders from Cleveland was in Columbus today. The group is telling state lawmakers to dedicate more money to funding public transit.

Andy Chow

A group of lawmakers is looking into where Ohio is falling short when it comes to repairing roads and bridges, and how to bring in more money.