unemployment benefits

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Talks are continuing on a bill to overhaul the fund set up to pay unemployment benefits to laid off workers.

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Ohio’s economy, like the nation’s, has been improving in recent years since the economic downturn in 2008. But many of the jobs that are coming back are not like the ones that were lost during the most recent depression.

"The State of Ohio"

Lawmakers are revisiting one of the most controversial bills still floating in the General Assembly – a bill to shore up the fund that pays benefits to unemployed workers. And one of the groups critical of the original proposal from House Republicans has come out with their own plan. 

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A group of state lawmakers will look over the way jobless benefits to come up with ideas for their colleagues to consider when they come back to work after the November election - and they may be different than those in a bill that was blasted by opponents as unfair to workers.

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A bill that seeks to shore up the state’s unemployment fund by making cuts to what businesses pay into it and to the benefits that jobless workers get is temporarily on hold.

The bill that makes changes in Ohio’s unemployment compensation system has another committee hearing this week and could soon get a vote. 

Andy Chow

Perhaps the most controversial issue on Capitol Square to start the New Year is how to deal with unemployment benefits. There’s a bill that makes several changes but opponents say it makes employees shoulder most of the burden.