Rep. Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville) tweeted out this mockup of the JobsOhio logo, saying it hasn't done enough to help his region.

A southeast Ohio lawmaker has taken to Twitter to blast the state’s non-profit economic development company for not helping his region enough. But supporters of JobsOhio are standing firmly behind it.

The former Capital Care Network in Toledo

Toledo’s only abortion clinic is no longer doing surgical abortions. New owners recently took over the facility. And that means it will need a new ambulatory care license to do surgical procedures. 

Common Cause Ohio and the League of Women Voters Ohio raising awareness about the importance of campaign finance transparency.
Andy Chow

The League of Women Voters and Common Cause Ohio are joining forces to call out the lack of transparency in the scathing campaign against the nuclear bailout referendum attempt.

Attorney General Dave Yost gestures at a news conference last week.
Karen Kasler

After taking heat for arguing the state should have a lead role in next month’s huge opioid trial in Cleveland, Ohio’s attorney general says he wants to be clear that he thinks any money won should be spent at the local level. 

Dareece Holton, Christina Zanish, Alexandra Moller, Rachael Kibbey and Morgan Hall are all on Westland High School’s homecoming court. This year Westland students are using actual voting machines programmed with candidates’ names.
Karen Kasler

Year after year, the youngest voters have always had the lowest turnout among all age groups. But kids who are just joining that group say they’re committed and excited about voting.

Andy Chow

A group of protesters marched in downtown Columbus to voice their support for more gun regulations, especially expanded background checks and the so-called "red flag" gun seizure law. The march comes as lawmakers hold hearings on several gun regulation bills. 

Ohio Attorney General David Yost
Jo Ingles

The US Department of Justice is looking into social media companies Facebook and Google to see if they are stifling competition in the industry. Now, top Ohio lawmakers say they want to work with Ohio Attorney General to aid in the states’s role in the investigation. 

Students first made their choices at the ExpressVote machines and then print out their paper ballots.
Karen Kasler

This is the time of year when students choose their school’s homecoming courts. And kids in one Franklin County high school are voting in a very official way.

Ohio Senate Education Committee holds hearings on HB154
Andy Chow

Senate Republicans have made several big changes to a bill, HB154, that would have repealed and replaced the process used to takeover failing schools. 

Secretary of State Frank LaRose speaks during a demonstration of voting machines at Westland High School near Columbus.
Karen Kasler

The state is still counting up how many of 235,000 voter registrations identified as inactive were removed by county boards of elections starting September 6. But Secretary of State Frank LaRose said he wants to continue to work with voter rights groups who had concerns that active voters might also be removed.