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Ohio Governor and First Lady test negative following COVID exposure

Gov. Mike DeWine gets second COVID-19 vaccine
Office of Gov. Mike DeWine

The DeWines were exposed to COVID by two close staff members.

Gov. Mike DeWine and First Lady Fran DeWine have tested negative for COVID-19, despite learning this week that they had been exposed through close contact with two infected staffers.

DeWine says he was in the car with the two staff members for what he calls a “good period of time” before they found out they were positive for the virus. DeWine says he was on his way to Akron Wednesday morning when he found out.

“We both decided the best thing to do is to just pull back and not risk exposing someone. So we are going to be tested every day.”

DeWine says he and his wife have tested negative and they both feel fine. The DeWine's and the two infected staff members are fully vaccinated and the DeWine's have had COVID boosters.

This isn't the first time the DeWine's have been concerned they might have been infected with COVID. Gov. DeWine tested positive last fall before an event he planned to attend with former President Donald Trump. But subsequent, and more accurate, tests DeWine took showed he was actually negative for the virus.

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