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Gun Bills That Could Get Movement in Statehouse

After a brief break for the elections, state lawmakers are getting back in gear. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow has a look at some of the bills that might see action involving gun laws.

This year’s most comprehensive bill related to guns was approved in committee and now awaits a full chamber vote in the House. The bill would soften concealed carry regulations on the grounds of higher education facilities, daycares and airport terminals.

Jennifer Thorne with the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence opposes this bill and instead advocates for a piece of legislation that would extend the requirement of background checks when selling a gun.

Thorne: “I think we would see a reduction in gun violence. We know that states that have stronger gun laws do have a reduced amount of gun violence.”

There’s another bill that would allow concealed carry without a permit. That got traction at first but has since stalled in committee.

Andy Chow at the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau.

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