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AG Warns Against Scams Targeting Holiday Shoppers In Ohio

The state’s top law enforcement official is warning that Ohio shoppers could find themselves duped out of lots of money this year if they’re not careful.

Attorney General Mike DeWine said shoppers need to ask questions and document purchases carefully this holiday season.  “Check the exclusions and limitations of an offer. Find out if a rain check applies. In other words, if they are advertising a certain item at a certain price, sometimes you look down there and find they only have a certain number of them," DeWine said.

And on the subject of return policies, DeWine said: "Some stores have a no return policy, particularly if something is on a sale. Read the fine print and if you don’t understand, ask the clerk.”

DeWine said Ohioans should also keep receipts for their purchases and monitor their bank accounts to make sure no unauthorized purchases are being charged.

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