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Attorney General Warns Ohioans To Beware Of Online Puppy Scams

Wikimedia Commons

If you are purchasing a puppy from an online dog breeder, Ohio’s Attorney General warns to proceed with caution.

Attorney General Mike DeWine says his office has received 30 complaints from consumers who say they bought a puppy online but never received anything in return.

He says scammers are posting cute pictures of puppies that are supposedly for sale but once the consumer wires money to the breeder, the seller demands more money for insurance, transportation or other costs then threatens to turn the customer in for animal abuse if they refuse to pay.

DeWine says if the price appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. He suggests you work with a local organization or breeder if possible and visit the dog before making a purchase. Many animal rescue and humane organizations caution against giving puppies as gifts since the purchase is a lifetime commitment for the recipient.

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