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Abortion Issue Contentious 43 Years After Landmark Supreme Court Ruling

Jo Ingles
Recent protests for and against legal abortion are common at Ohio Statehouse

It’s been 43 years since the landmark Roe vs Wade US Supreme Court decision legalized abortion. Yet it remains a contentious issue in the Ohio legislature.

Cecile Richards with Planned Parenthood of America says the future of abortion rights hangs in the balance.

“There’s never been, I think, an election in which Roe of more clearly on the ballot.”

Stephanie Krider with Ohio Right to Life is fighting to make abortion illegal.

“This is not the character of our country. It’s not who we want to be and so you’ve seen some push back against that, I think.”

The Ohio Legislature is considering several abortion bills. One would ban abortion earlier in a pregnancy. Another would put restrictions on fetal remains. And another would prevent women from aborting a fetus once a Down Syndrome diagnosis is made.

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