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Ohio Lawmaker Says Recent Police Involved Shootings Show Need For Criminal Justice Reforms

Ohio House of Representatives
Democratic State Representative Alicia Reece

Controversial police involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota are raising a lot of questions about the racial discrimination by law enforcement. One state lawmaker says it’s time for her colleagues in the Ohio Legislature to take action.

Democratic State Representative Alicia Reece says the Governor’s task force on community policing, which was set up 18 months ago, is not enough. She says lawmakers need to pass bills involving body cameras, grand jury reform, police transparency measures and more.

“The General Assembly can no longer hide behind the task force because the people want action and they want action now and so there’s a disconnect between the Statehouse, as I tell people, and your house.”

Reece says she and other members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus plan to push for criminal justice reforms once the General Assembly comes back to work this fall.

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