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Lawmakers To Review, Maybe Replace Controversial Changes To Jobless Benefits Fund Bill

Statehouse News Bureau file photo

A group of state lawmakers will look over the way jobless benefits to come up with ideas for their colleagues to consider when they come back to work after the November election - and they may be different than those in a bill that was blasted by opponents as unfair to workers.

Ohio has paid back the $1.4 billion it borrowed from the federal government during the recession when the fund that paid benefits to jobless workers went broke. But Rep. Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) says the crisis isn’t over: “When you’re in a situation like this, it begs the question: What must we do to reform our system?”

Schuring says the six member committee he’ll help lead will work on an overhaul building on a controversial bill proposed last year. That measure, which included tax cuts on employers and fewer benefits for workers, was put on hold after opponents blasted it as unfair.

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