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Lawmaker Seeks to Abolish Pay to Participate Fees for School Activities

A Republican lawmaker wants to ban schools from charging pay to participate fees schools charge for sports and music programs. And he’s hoping to get ideas from the public.

Sen. Cliff Hite – a former high school football coach - says he doesn’t want families to have to pay fees for their kids to play, but he doesn’t want districts to do away with those activities either. He’s holding events around the state for people to testify and at the Columbus event, Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted – a football player in high school and college – told the crowd students need the positive values they get through playing sports.

Secretary of State Jon Husted, a former high school and college football player, testifies for the need to scrap pay to participate fees for sports.

“They learn those skills like teamwork, toughness, responsibility, resiliency…those are success skills.”

One thing that wasn’t discussed at this public forum was where the money would come from to pay for the programs if the legislature eventually bans pay to participate fees.

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