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State School Board President Not Worried There Have Been No Applicants For Superintendent Post

Karen Kasler
Former Ohio Schools Superintendent Richard Ross (left) and Board President Tom Gunlock (right) at Board of Education meeting on December 15, 2015.

There’s been an opening at the Ohio Department of Education since the end of last year, and so far, it appears no one has applied to become the new state school superintendent.  But the president of the board that will pick that person says he’s not concerned.

State school board president Tom Gunlock said it’s taken a while to develop, post and advertise the position vacated by former superintendent Richard Ross on December 31.  The deadline is two weeks away. But Gunlock said he’s not worried that no applications have been received. “No, not at all. We’ll see how many applications we get on April 8, and we’ll come up with a process depending on how many we receive as to how we go from there,” Gunlock said.

Lonny Rivera, who’s serving as interim superintendent, has told the board he doesn’t want the job because he’s concerned about his family life and what he called the “political sniping” on the board. The successful candidate will be the Kasich administration’s fourth superintendent in five years.

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