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Rule Related To Charter School Crackdown Delayed After Panel Sends It To Agency For Another Review

Karen Kasler
The Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review took a break before deciding the charter school rule.

A proposed change in a rule on how charter school sponsors would be measured on their compliance with state laws has been delayed for now.

On a party line vote, a Republican-dominated panel of lawmakers sent the charter schools rule back to the state office that reviews regulations for their impact on business. But that office has already done a report on this rule. Republican Sen. Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) of the Cincinnati area said this move is not just an effort to delay charter school sponsors’ reports on their compliance or their evaluations – which are supposed to come out in October. “Absolutely not, absolutely not. We just feel that there needs to be a fairness in the reporting,” Uecker said.

Uecker said the earlier report did not have enough input. The Ohio Department of Education says the rule is needed to put into effect the charter school crackdown law that passed earlier last year.

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