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House Education Committee Chair Proposes Centralizing School Funding, Banning Local Levies

Karen Kasler
Rep. Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) chairs the House Education Committee.

State lawmakers are unlikely to come back to do any business before their next session starts next year. And the Republican who leads the House Education Committee says he wants to start a House Education Committee chair says he wants to start talking about school funding now – with a plan to overhaul of Ohio’s way of funding its public schools.

Rep. Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) said his plan would centralize school funding by banning local tax levies and funding each student equally through state funds and lottery profits. That money would follow students, who could attend any Ohio school they want. Brenner said he assumes some districts would gain funding and some would lose, but says he doesn’t have a breakdown. “However, with the state taking over the bonds for all the local school districts, they woudn’t have to worry about that. It’s like giving them a clean slate.”

Charter schools would be funded the same way, though eschools would get less money. Brenner said the idea is a conversion starter, but could go to voters in 2018.

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