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Republican Senator Introduces Bill To "Deregulate" Public Schools, With Input From Superintendents

Karen Kasler
Sen. Matt Huffman (R-Lima, right) talks to a group of superintendents from his Senate district in western Ohio who helped him create the Public School Deregulation Act. They joined him for a press conference announcing the bill a few minutes earlier.

A Republican state senator wants to roll back almost a hundred requirements on school districts. They range from mandates on school personnel to directives for students in classrooms.

The Public School Deregulation Actwas put together with input from districts in western Ohio. It would give superintendents flexibility on many things, such as evaluating teachers and assigning them to subjects beyond their licenses, on excusing student absences, and on paper and pencil testing – which Gov. John Kasich vetoed in the state budget in July. Sen. Matt Huffman (R-Lima) said it would mean more local control – and he wants to go further. “Frankly, if we could eliminate all state requirements and have to do what the federal government is making us to, that’s where I would want to go.”

But the bill would get rid of only one state test, a kindergarten reading exam that’s part of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee that went into effect three years ago.

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