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Bipartisan Duo Pushes for Congressional Redistricting Reform

The bipartisan duo of lawmakers that pushed for redistricting reform on the state level is at it again. This time they want to change the way congressional districts are drawn in Ohio. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.

Republican Senator Frank LaRose and Democratic Senator Tom Sawyer, both from the Akron area, have a joint resolution in the General Assembly to bring more fairness to congressional district maps.

Now the two senators are also taking their plan to the Constitutional Modernization Commission, another path to a constitutional amendment.

LaRose says they’re trying both options in case one might be faster than the other.

“We’ll move on those parallel tracks to try and get this in front of voters as soon as possible so that hopefully next year or the year after they can approve congressional redistricting,” said LaRose.

Issue 1 on this November’s ballot would change only state legislative district drawing. Supporters say it will prevent gerrymandering, when districts are drawn to benefit one political party over the other.

Andy Chow at the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau.

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