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Early Voting For Ohio's Presidential Primary Is Under Way

Statehouse News Bureau
Franklin County early voting center

It’s been about a year since leaders started publicly vying to become the next President of the United States. Now with early voting underway, the upcoming primary could be a big deal.   

Although it does have swing-state status, Ohio doesn’t usually play a big role in primary elections. But this year, neither major political party has a clear nominee. So Secretary of State Jon Husted says it could all come down to the March 15 primary when Ohio votes with Florida, Missouri and Illinois have a March 15 primary. 

“It could be the day that’s decisive in both political primaries so Ohio could have another -- not only the regular influence we have on the General Election but we could be decisive in the primary election as well,” said Husted.

Voters can request an absentee ballot and mail it back or vote in-person at their local board of elections office.

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