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Trump's Message Resonates With Some Reagan Democrats

Jo Ingles
John Toedtman, Cincinnati Area, Self Described Reagan Democrat, says he's for Trump now

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump emphasized the need for trade laws to be tougher at his rally in Columbus. That is the kind of message that appeals to one specific group of voters – so called, "Reagan Democrats".

Cincinnati resident John Toedtman says he usually backs Democratic candidates. In fact, he says the last time he voted for a Republican presidential candidate was when he cast his ballot for Ronald Reagan.

“I’ve always been a civil rights guy, I’ve always been for free speech and things that you associate with the Democratic party but these last few years was the last straw.”

He says Trump’s plan for a 35% tax on imported goods appeals to him. Trump says doing that will make sure American companies use American labor to make their products.

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