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Kasich Returns Home To Watch Returns From Michigan Primary, A Week Before Ohio's

Gov. John Kasich came back to Columbus to watch the results from neighboring Michigan, a state he had targeted for a good showing a week before the Ohio primary.

Kasich said he was feeling confident as the results showed him behind frontrunner Donald Trump, but running very close to Ted Cruz. “For the late voters in Michigan, about 35% of them went for our campaign. And another thing you should know – with the contests going forward, the three of us competing for the delegates that remains, we are in a virtual dead heat among those who have yet to decide.”

Kasich’s finish didn’t disappoint the 200 volunteers who’d gathered in a Columbus hotel to hear from him.  Noah Rudnick of Albany, NY was among a trio of Ohio State freshmen volunteering for Kasich who were invited to the watch party, and he wasn’t upset at Kasich’s final total. “He doubled it from, what, a week ago, before the debate? So I think that’s fine. I think Rubio needs to get out. But yeah – I think he’ll be the next nominee and then president.”

Rudnick’s friend Alan Garber is from Brooklyn, NY. "I think he’s going to really surprise you this Thursday and then I think, after that, he’s gonna surprise you again on Tuesday with the margin that he defeats Donald Trump by in this state.”

TV screens at the watch party were turned away from results from Mississippi, where he was coming in third far behind Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.  Kasich’s finish in Michigan does give him more delegates going into the winner-take-all Ohio primary on Tuesday, which he told the crowd that he would win.

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