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ODP Chair: I Don’t Celebrate Any Day Of Donald Trump Doing Well

"The State of Ohio"
Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper

Throughout the Republican presidential town halls and debates, Gov. John Kasich has painted himself as a moderate in the race. A top Democrat in Ohio is disputing that picture but insists he's not doing so to give Donald Trump the upper hand in the state.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper is telling national and local media that, among other criticisms, Kasich did not fix the state’s economy, he put more of a tax burden on local governments through funding cuts.

But Pepper says he isn’t hoping the controversial GOP front-runner will be the one who goes up against his party’s eventual nominee.

Pepper: “I don’t celebrate any day of Donald Trump doing well. Because Donald Trump’s rhetoric and his ideas wouldn’t just make for a terrible presidency, they’re making for a painful conversation for the next nine months if he’s the candidate,” said Pepper.

But some Democrats have said they hope Trump wins the nomination, because they feel he’d be the easiest candidate to beat.

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