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Ted Cruz Makes Somewhat Surprising Last-Minute Campaign Visit To Ohio, Two Days Before Primary

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz hasn’t been polling well in Ohio. But Cruz came to Columbus for at his first stop in Ohio since last summer - and his first real stop of his presidential campaign.

Before the event at a small performing arts theatre in Columbus, Ted Cruz spoke with reporters, telling them he is still backing whoever the Republican nominee will be. He also said he's urging people who are considering John Kasich or Marco Rubio in an effort to beat Donald Trump to vote for him instead.

"The only way to beat him – there is only one candidate who has beaten him over and over and over again, and who can and will beat him forward. So I would encourage the people of Ohio – even if you had been supporting another candidate, even if you had been supporting John Kasich or Marco Rubio, come and join us. Let’s stand united,” Cruz said.

Cruz has been to Ohio only once since launching his presidential campaign - last summer he appeared as part of the Americans for Prosperity conference last summer. About 400 supporters turned out to see Cruz for what was basically his only campaign visit to Ohio.

Statehouse Bureau Chief Karen Kasler talked with Ted Cruz supporters who turned out to see their candidate make what is basically his first appearance in Ohio - just two days before the primary.

Tripp Harden drove up from Cincinnati after going to the Donald Trump rally earlier. He’s a Cruz supporter.  “He’ll do ok. I don’t think he’ll win it.”

Joan Gordon of Columbus says Cruz didn’t need to spend a lot of time in Ohio.  “He was strategically going to places where he might need more help. But there’s a very strong group here for him.”              

Chad Watson came from Hillsboro with his 15 year old son to see Cruz.  “He didn’t have a chance here in Ohio so he’s gotta to go out there and get busy where he does have a shot.”

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