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Strange Things Happen At Ohio Polls On Presidential Primary Day

Franklin County voters go to polls in presidential primary 2016

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says turnout has been heavy throughout the state, especially in suburban areas. Husted says there has been more interest in the Republican races.

Husted says it’s a shift from 2008 when there was more interest in the Democratic races. But he says there have been plenty of Republican ballots and few problems - such as this unusual situation in Stark County.

“We had one voter today who was wearing a Bernie Sanders tee shirt. He was informed that he wasn’t allowed to wear paraphernalia of campaigns in a polling location so he just took his shirt off and voted shirtless.”

Husted says one Cleveland poll worker was arrested after pulling a gun in a polling place and another was arrested by U.S. Marshalls in Van Wert County on a warrant after showing up to work his shift. But he says there have been other stories of dedication, such as a Franklin County poll worker showing up for a shift to cover for her husband, who died last night.

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