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Ohio Democratic Party Chair Thinks Cross Over Voters Will Vote With Democrats In November

Jo Ingles
Will Klatt of Columbus

The head of Ohio’s Democratic Party says he believes the number of Ohioans who will now be affiliated with the party will shrink because some crossed over to vote a Republican ticket to participate in the GOP’s presidential primary. But David Pepper doesn’t think that crossover vote will hurt Democrats in the long run.

Columbus resident Will Klatt voted for Bernie Sanders, and he says he thinks a lot of people who would have voted the same way….if it weren’t for the Trump factor.

“I actually talked to a ton of people who were going to vote for Bernie and were going to vote in the Democratic primary but were scared about the possibility of Trump winning. I respect their decision to vote for John Kasich.”

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper says he expects those voters who crossed over to vote in the GOP will not stay there long.

“We think a lot of those voters will be voting for us in November if Trump is actually the nominee.”

The Secretary of State’s office says there were more people voting Republican ballots, but there’s no firm number of just how many people made that switch.

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