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House GOP Touts Slate Of Nominees

Andy Chow
House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) in front of House Republican candidates

In the middle of their first week back at work at the Statehouse since their spring break, House Republican leaders paused to parade out their slate of candidates vying for seats in November’s election. 

House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger praised the crop of candidates which include newcomers, incumbents and current Senators who are jumping chambers.

Rosenberger says he feels confident about these nominees, no matter who might be the Republican nominee for president in November.

“I believe that the top of the ticket’s important and I think that if Donald Trump is the top of the ticket that we’ll continue to work -- talk about our message and it’s a good one and a strong one that we’ve been able to build on,” said Rosenberger.

The House Dems struck back by saying Republican policies have hurt middle class families which, according to the Democrats, are earning $4,000 less than the average middle class family nationwide.

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