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Senate, House Leaders Ready To Back Trump

Andy Chow
House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) in the House Chambers

Two high-ranking state officials and big supporters of Gov. John Kasich say they’re ready to back Donald Trump -- if he’s the nominee. 

Republican Senate President Keith Faber and House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger have been rooting for Kasich to win the Republican nomination.

And with Kasich exiting the race both seem to be slowly accepting the idea of Donald Trump as their pick.

Here’s what Faber had to say about the possible General Election race between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“Between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton I think in the end Mrs. Clinton would not do a good job as president and I can pray that Mr. Trump would,” said Faber.

Rosenberger cautioned that, until the convention in Cleveland, the nomination is still up in the air. But he says he would support Trump if he ends up being the nominee.

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