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'Count The Votes' Bill Ignores Checklist Of Reasons To Reject Ballots

Andy Chow
Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent)

A state lawmaker wants to change the way votes are counted in elections, saying her bill could save more than tens of thousands of ballots from being thrown out. 

Democratic Representative Kathleen Clyde of Kent says more than 13,000 provisional ballots were rejected during the last presidential election because people voted at the wrong precinct, had issues with signing, had issue printing their name, or didn’t have an ID.

Clyde wants to pass a bill that would count all these votes and only reject ballots filed by people who aren’t registered voters.

Secretary of State Jon Husted says Clyde’s bill could make it easier for voter fraud, but Clyde disagrees.

“That is a myth that is brought out by the Republicans to pass harmful voting restrictions and we do not have a problem with voter fraud in the state of Ohio,” said Clyde.

Husted adds that his office has counted more provisional and absentee ballots than the Democrat that held office before him.

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