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Husted Sends Complaint To Voter Registration Group

Andy Chow
Secretary of State Jon Husted

A group that works to increase the number of registered voters is getting called out for having a sloppy system. This includes addressing letters to people’s pets.

The Voter Participation Center sends mail around the country to get people to register to vote. But people have complained to Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office and county boards of elections that the Center has addressed these alerts to deceased family members and even family pets.

Husted says this shows the Center's system is full of errors.

“Someone who’s either died or not even is a human being is being asked to register to vote and that undermines confidence in our system and can cause all kinds of problems on the front end of the registration process,” said Husted.

Husted applauded the effort to increase registered voters but wants the center to work with its data provider in order to get more accurate information.

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