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Kasich Still Not Talking About Trump, But Other RNC Attendees Are

Politician spent the Independence Day holiday marching in parades around the state – and planning ahead for their upcoming conventions. Two Republicans were at one in central Ohio, with their convention in Cleveland less than two weeks away.

Gov. John Kasich wouldn’t make any comments before he and his family headed the parade in his hometown of Westerville. But Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo, an alternate Kasich delegate, said from his parade car he still can’t endorse the likely Republican nominee. “Well, I think that it’s still true for my part that those concerns exist, and while I’m not supportive of Donald Trump, I am in full support of other Republicans on the ballot," Mingo said.

Mingo specifically mentioned U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, who has said he supports Trump. Kasich has repeatedly declined to endorse Trump in the few interviews he’s granted since he became the last candidate to leave the Republican presidential race in May.

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