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Kasich Says He Will Be In Cleveland For RNC, But Is "Unlikely" To Speak Or Endorse Trump

Karen Kasler
Gov. John Kasich suspended his presidential campaign in May.

Gov. John Kasich says he will be in Cleveland when the Republican National Convention begins in less than two weeks, but he will not necessarily attend. From member station WCPN, Darrielle Snipes has more on what the former presidential candidate has planned for the week of the RNC.

Gov. Kasich says he will arrive in Cleveland the Sunday before the start of the convention and leave on Thursday, the day Donald Trump is expected to accept the Republican nomination. As for speaking during the RNC inside Quicken Loans Arena, he says it is “unlikely to happen.”

Kasich, who was the last Republican candidate to suspend his campaign, says he wishes Trump well. But when asked about his vow to support whomever became the presumptive nominee, Kasich said, "You know, you know it is sometimes difficult.  You have to examine your conscience about the fact when you make a commitment sometimes circumstances dramatically change and you have to reassess.” 

And when asked about voting for Trump in November, Kasich replied: "I have not endorsed him. So if I have not endorsed him, then that leaves everything up in the air. “

Kasich says he will be attending meetings in Cleveland during the RNC including one with the Secret Service about security during the convention.

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