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Ohio's Anti-Trump Republicans Find Themselves In Unique Situation During RNC

Andy Chow
Clarence Mingo, Republican Franklin County Auditor

Thousands of delegates are gathered in Cleveland to welcome Donald Trump as their Republican presidential nominee. But some Republicans say they just can’t place a vote for Trump, making for a unique RNC experience. 

Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo has been on some short lists as a potential statewide candidate. But while he's part of the Ohio RNC delegation, he says he can’t bring himself to vote for Trump - as other members of his party, including Gov. John Kasich, have said. Mingo says this rift embodies a critical moment for the Republican Party. 

“We’re really finding ourselves tested between conscience and politics some of us are on the side of conscience some of us are deep into the politics and it’s interesting to see us navigate that I think it’s a historical moment for the party and for the nation really,” said Mingo

Mingo says he hasn’t decided who he’ll vote for instead - but it won't be Hillary Clinton.

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