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What Portman Hopes To Hear In Trump's Big RNC Speech

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman has been very active with some unconventional activities during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, from helping Habitat for Humanity to kayaking with wounded soldiers. But Portman says the one thing he still doesn’t plan to do is step onto the convention stage.

While the party favorite both in Ohio and on Capitol Hill, will not be speaking on the convention stage, he has a few things he’d like to hear from Trump during his primetime slot.

Portman says he wants Trump to talk about the economy, the drug addiction epidemic and most of all party unity.

“It’s pretty simple really, he needs to focus on issues people care about and in Ohio as I mentioned earlier it is national security and terrorism, ensuring that we have a stronger military. People are concerned that our military has been cut to the bone to the point where it endangers us,” said Portman.

While he says he is endorsing Donald Trump, Portman has been keeping his distance from the presumptive nominee.

In Cleveland, Andy Chow with the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau.

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