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Trump Accuses Columbus Firefighters Of Playing Politics During Campaign Rally

Andy Chow
Columbus Assistant Fire Chief Jim Cannell and Republican Donald Trump

During his campaign stop in Columbus, Donald Trump deciding to take a swing at what seems to have become his new favorite target: fire marshals. 

Only a thousand people were able to catch Donald Trump’s campaign stop in Columbus, with about another thousand turned away.

Trump gathered the media to specifically call out the fire marshal’s occupancy limit.

“That’s for political reasons they were turned away and that’s too bad. They have a thousand people in there they won’t allow, the fire marshal says he’s not allowed to allow anymore even though the building holds many thousands of people,” he said.

Trump later insinuated it’s because Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther is a Democrat.

Columbus public safety officials say Trump’s staff agreed to the occupancy limit days ago and that politics weren’t involved at all.

Trump complained about the fire marshal in Colorado a few days ago during a similar situation.

Watch the response from the Columbus Division of Fire:

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