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Trump Promises To Make Ohio "Manufacturing Behemoth" During Columbus Rally

Andy Chow
Donald Trump addresses crowd gathered inside the Greater Columbus Convention Center on August 1, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are locked in tight races in several battleground states and Ohio is no exception. Trump’s latest rally in Columbus today is the third big campaign stop in Ohio since the Republican National Convention. 

Surrounded by a thousand supporters in a town hall setting, Donald Trump promised to make Ohio a manufacturing behemoth.

The Republican presidential nominee focused most of his comments on strengthening labor by cracking down on trade deals that encourage companies to move out of the country.

“We’re gonna bring your jobs back, we’re gonna bring companies back. We’re gonna bring, companies that left are gonna come back. Because it will no longer be economic for them to continue where they are, we’re gonna bring companies back,” Trump said.

He also said his plans to protect the U.S.-Mexico border will cut off the source of Ohio’s heroin epidemic.

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