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Kasich Makes Appearance At Ribbon-Cutting Event; Talks Education, Drugs And Business Regulations

Karen Kasler
Gov. John Kasich speaks at celebration of expansion of Nestle facility in Dublin.

Gov. John Kasich hasn’t made many public appearances since leaving the Republican race for president in May. He was at a ribbon cutting for an expansion of the food company Nestle in suburban Columbus, and he covered a lot of ground.

Kasich first reminisced about an old Nestle jingle, and noted there are 3400 Nestle workers in Ohio. And then he was off...criticizing public education: “I don’t think that we’re doing a very good job in preparing our kids for the future.” He then appealed for an anti-drug message for kids, touted his administration’s streamlining of business regulations, and called for working together to solve problems – all things he talked about in his presidential campaign. “I’m sorry to cover so many subjects, but these kind of burn inside of me because they’re so important.”

But Kasich didn’t speak to reporters, telling the Nestle audience he had to leave and get on the road.

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